Chatuchak Market

This Saturday we journeyed to the Chatuchak Weekend market next to Chatuchak park in northern Bangkok. The market is a collection of around 10,000 tiny shops selling clothes, shoes, jewelry, scarves, food, trinkets, books, etc., many of it made by villagers in Northern Thailand who bring their goods to the market every weekend.  It’s hard to get across just how massive this place was (28 acres), how many people were there (200,000 over the course of the day) and how much stuff was for sale (a lot).

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market

My mission for the day was to find a frisbee. (Backstory: I’ve been trying to find a frisbee so I can play during lunchtime at Chula, because some Thai students were interested in learning the sport. I’d already searched the entire siam center shopping complex, and found that all the “sports” stores sold only semi-athletic shoes. Yesterday I did find a frisbee at a walmart-like store, but it was literally a plastic taco.)  Despite its size, the Chatuchak market didn’t have any frisbees. All we could find as far as sports go was a skate shop. But we did see some interesting stuff. The tie-dye t-shirts, scarves and dresses were particularly cool. I have mixed feelings about the pet section of the market, because the animals there really didn’t look happy.

Tie-Dye Textiles

Caged bunnies

If I were a bunny, and I were put in a tiny blue dress in a tiny pink cage, I would not be happy.

After meandering through the market for a few hours we headed over to the Chatuchak park and rested for a bit before heading out to find dinner. And a marvelous dinner it was. We splurged a bit on good pizza.  I was soooooo happy to finally taste cheese again. A week is just too long.

Chatuchak Park

Reunited with cheese

Not only did I get some cheese, after dinner we did end up finding a frisbee in a department store in MBK! Double win! It’s low-quality, but at least it still flies.


4 Responses to “Chatuchak Market”

  1. Felice Says:

    Do these bunnies really become pets? Do many people live in apartment buildings or homes? Is there another destiny for the rabbits? They look like toys. How sad.
    The market looks like an opportunity to find handmade items or are they from other countries?

    • mattinthailand Says:

      Not sure were the rabbits go. There were a bunch of puppies there to, some a few weeks old and some at least a year old.
      Most people live in apartment-like complexes in Bangkok.
      And most of the stuff at the market is from Thailand, although only a small portion of it is handmade.

  2. Sam L Says:

    cool, you went to chatuchak… i went there during a cross-country exchange in high school (I went to high school in Singapore) and we had to find clothing for the most outrageous outfit we possibly could, as a team-bonding exercise.. good times.

    Except, when i went, there were also men without legs crawling along the ground at times, begging for money.. there’s a reality check.

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