Monday (Jan.4th) was orientation at Chula, which was basically about a half hour overview of the program, a few videos on the ISE program that looked like they had been directed by George Lucas, and then an hour about how Chula can hook us up with internships, cooking classes and other free stuff. We met the other exchange students – five from Finland with names I can’t pronounce, and Maxime from France.

After the orientation lunch three thai students showed us around. We went to the shopping malls and got our uniforms. They barely had anything in my size (not surprised). To try on clothes we used giant skirts instead of changing rooms. After getting uniforms we took a tour of the Siam shopping complex and then got treated to second lunch.

"Noz" and Sean try on some threads

(I should mention that all Thais refer to themselves by a nickname other than their real name.   Nozomi picked “Noz”.  The rest of us still need one.)

The Lisa-Frank like merry-go-round we encountered

Sean and "Noz" celebrate orientation with rice whiskey

Highlight of the day: wicked cool shopping carts that move in all directions.


One Response to “Orientation”

  1. Felice Says:

    I just got the link from your Dad. You are so informative in descriptions of the places you have visited and you are makiing great use of the camera with excellent images. I will continue to read and view your blog. It is very exciting to follow.
    So glad you made it there safely and enjoy!

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